Friday, September 3, 2010

Dexter Season 4; Born In Blood


I just finished watching Dexter Season 4, and I was on board up until the last 2 minutes of the last episode.  In case you haven't started this series yet (you REALLY should btw), it's about a man named Dexter (played by Michael C Hall), who is a blood spatter analyst working for the Miami PD with a dark secret; he's a serial killer.  Julie Benz plays Dexter's damaged girlfriend and mother of 2.  Jennifer Carpenter plays Dexter's sister, Deborah, who worked her way up to detective in the Miami PD -who always craved the attention of her late father, Harry (also a detective).  But Harry was too busy teaching Dexter his "code" for satisfying his bloodlust while not getting caught.

In season 4 we find Dexter married to Rita, stepfather to Cody and Aster, and new father to Harrison.  True to form, Dexter finds a way to get out of one sticky situation (almost getting caught) after the other while balancing his new family life. The intensity of each episode never wanes; each are treated like a finale, and I really appreciate the writers pushing the envelope this season.  There are also many appearances of Dexter's deceased stepfather, Harry (his Jiminy Cricket), as Dexter starts to separate from the "code" when it conflicts with his new priorities as a father.

This is the first time I watched this series on blu ray -wow!  The opening credits ALONE are breath taking!  But make sure you eat first, because your stomach is going to growl the entire time.  I'm not just referring to the food-heavy credits; they writers are obvious foodies and someone is chewing on something in almost every scene.  I can't wait to visit my sister in Miami and try one of those Cuban pork sandwiches that Deborah and Angel are always chowing down on!

Speaking of Deb -the writers apparently have it out for her (or maybe she's more interesting the more damaged she is?).  First season; engaged to the Ice Truck Killer and almost gets murdered by him.  Second season; falls in love and he leaves, never to return.  Third season; finds out that her dad constantly cheated on her mother.  Fourth season; "never to return" RETURNS, only to get gunned down in front of her, she gets shot too, she finds out that Dexter is the son of her father's mistress AND the brother of the Ice Truck Killer.  Sorry Deb -but at least your Cuban pork sandwich loves you!  :)

Angel and Maria hook up.  All of their hooking up forces Maria to mention it to her supervisor who threatens to transfer Angel.  They sign something that says that they will no longer hook up.  They hook up on the side, only to get caught, and all of the hooking up leads to them getting married so the DA can't touch them without risking pissing off all of the Hispanic Catholic pro-marriage residents.  Meh -did this series need another side plot?  I don't know....maybe I just don't like these 2 characters as a couple.

JOHN LITHGOW; aka Arthur Mitchell, aka "The Trinity Killer".  Lithgow picked up Golden Globe award in January, and a few days ago won an Emmy for Guest Actor in a Drama Series!  His performance is truly outstanding; for such a lovable guy, his character is chillingly demented!  Powered by the haunting memories of the death of his own family, he recreates their deaths with new victims around the country.  Dubbed "Trinity" because he completes a trio of murders; young girl bathtub drowning (his sister), woman falling from building (his mother), and man beat to death (his father).

The Ending.  Trinity is dead (by the hand of Dexter, which of course is extremely satisfying after a whole season of back and forth drama between the 2 serial killers), Deb and Lundy's shooter is revealed (which I WON'T reveal because the twist is just too good), the kids are with their grandparents at Disney World, Dexter's bags are packed and he is ready to join Rita on their late honeymoon with their baby son.  Except she never made it to the airport.  Except he finds her bags at the house and hears his son crying in the other room.  EXCEPT HE FINDS HARRISON SITTING IN A POOL OF HIS MOTHER'S BLOOD AND FINDS RITA DRAINED, DEAD IN THE BATHTUB!  WTF?!  Was it Trinity before Dexter killed him?  Is it a copycat killer?  WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!  Now Dexter has to raise 3 kids on his own?  Will they go to the grandparents?  Will Deb help?  WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN IN SEASON 5?!  Poor Harrison, just like his father; born in blood.  Will he grow up to be a serial killer too?

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